Thursday, February 04, 2010

A look ahead to.....Swindon

When I was at school, a girl in my class moved to Swindon. I remember her leaving party quite well. It was the day before the Easter holidays, we had Panda Pops, Party Rings, Pringles and stuff that doesn't begin with the letter P as well. As the festivities came to a close, I thought I had seen the end of my Wiltshire-bound peer.

So imagine my surprise when I strolled in after the Spring break and saw her plonked in her old seat. I shook my head, closed my eyes and then pinched myself but it made no difference, she was still there.

"Wh....why?'t you?.....Why aren't you in Swindon?" I asked, in a far less eloquent style to which I now speak. "It wasn't for us," she said, "It was a bit dull, nothing really goes on."

I bet she wouldn't be saying that now. The town hosted Radio 1's Big Weekend in 2009, has a thriving music scene and - unfortunately for us Addicks fans - the area's football team is on fire.

Danny Wilson's outfit have lost just one of their last 12 league games, nine of which have been victories, won their previous six home matches - a run that includes a three-goal tonking of Leeds - and are scoring goals for fun.

Billy Paynter and Charlie Austin are the Robins' premier net bulgers, with 24 league strikes between them this term. So prolific are they, that of Town's 22 goals since November, the deadly duo have scored 20, with defender Scott Cuthbert and on-loan Bolton striker Danny Ward the only other men to hit the target.

Swindon did show signs of weakness last weekend though, surrendering a two-goal lead to draw at cash-strapped Southend, and they may be too focused on an Addicks revenge mission on Saturday after not seeing us off on Boxing Day when they looked set for victory and we had nine men.

For those reasons, I have this sneaking suspicion that we are are going to take the three points. I'll post again some time on Sunday afternoon, explaining how hideously wrong I was.

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