Tuesday, February 02, 2010

An extremely brief Walsall summary

I don't enjoy watching Charlton's in-game match updates on Sky Sports News. Even if you get a good reporter, it is very difficult to fully comprehend what is happening. But that task is made doubly taxing when your newshound is John Salako. How am I supposed to know what is going on when - by the sounds of it - he doesn't? I wish they'd given Scott Minto the job. I like Minto.

What I did gather from Salako's oratory - other than the amazing news we were playing Dion Dublin up front - was that we dominated the game and once we had equalised on the stroke of half time, there was no real danger of defeat.

Due to our stuttering home form, however, a solitary point on the road was not good enough, we needed all three. We also need someone to start finding the net on a more regular basis. I knew we should have kept hold of Danny Butterfield.

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