Sunday, February 14, 2010

A look ahead to.....Bristol Rovers

There are a lot of unanswered questions in the world - is Charlton blogger Hungry Ted always peckish? Do people really put their gold in an envelope and send it off to dodgy companies in the hope of renumeration? Why did I stay up and watch the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Friday night?

What I really want to get to the bottom of however, is why Charlton are so bad when their games are shown live on TV? It could be a curse, a sinister, evil one that we will never shed no matter what supposed antidote we have at our disposal. More likely though, the gogglebox has caught us on our off days.

When battling Northwich Victoria and Leyton Orient, we struggled with the expectation of success, while against Southampton in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, we did not have a first-choice side out, Pardew's posse played well and, with the greatest respect to the competition, it was far from a priority.

With those previous excuses in mind, our telly excursion at Bristol Rovers could be perfect for us. The Pirates are out of sorts at the moment so we have a great chance of winning but won't be overwhelming favourites, and we should - bar the ebullient Kelly Youga - have a full-strength squad from which to pick.

So tell your friends and family to bypass socialising, reading, cooking, working and even the excellent Channel Five series "Paul Merton in Europe," because The Addicks are going to be showcased on the small screen and they are going to be the victors. Only a curse can stop us.

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