Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No more telly, please

I've come to the conclusion that Charlton Athletic and live TV are a mix made in hell. First it was the debacle of Northwich Victoria, next came the misery of Southampton and now the frustration of Leyton Orient. Sure we've had our moments on the gogglebox, the 1998 play-off final - which as the "About Me" section on this blog explains is the premier reason why I started supporting the Addicks, and that magnificent Boxing Day in 2003 when we walloped Chelsea 4-2.

But when I try to think about other Charlton games that graced the small screen, I can only recall us getting slaughtered by Manchester City or a 3-0 home defeat by Liverpool in our Premier League relegation season which was the most one-sided football match I have ever seen in my life. Please media, just leave us alone.

A bounty of other excellent Addicks blogs may decide to pour scorn on Monday's dreadful performance so I shall try to refrain, as hard as that may be. The wider picture is that as Hungry Ted remarked a home defeat was coming and it would be foolish to think we would not have any Valley-based setbacks during the campaign. Norwich cannot keep up their level of lethality and Leeds' mind could be frazzled by their cornucopia of games. This promotion race has plenty of twists and turns ahead of it.

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