Sunday, January 10, 2010

Izale McLeod to Peterborough, Really?

If I ever go skydiving, I am not going to use a dodgy parachute. I will want constant reassurances that the big fabric thing attached to my back will work, and that I will not die if I use it.

By the same token, if I was the manager of a football team that was bottom of the Championship, fighting for its life to stay up, I would not purchase a player who for most of his career has done bugger all. My intention would be to acquire someone with a reputation for making a difference.

So I cannot believe that Peterborough boss Mark Cooper has signed Izale McLeod, albeit on a loan deal. The Posh need instant heroes; a creative spark, a proven goal scorer, not an undefined striker whose only asset is pace. It could be an under-the-radar masterstroke but if Izzy plays a significant role in keeping Cooper's men afloat, then the world really is a peculiar place.


Anonymous said...

I would have agreed with you until I saw what Warnock has done with Ambrose at Palace . I wouldn't have picked him for my Sunday League team , therefore a stranger thing has already happened !!!

Anonymous said...

You mean like Andy Gray or Leroy Lita? Someone with something to prove can be worth a try - see Mooney.

Anonymous said...

- actually I think McLeod just isn't used to playing in front of a big crowd, and can't handle the pressure. He might be fine at Peterboro.