Sunday, December 06, 2009

Why so annoyed?

If that was a bad afternoon, long may they continue. I heard a few grumbles - we were lucky, we didn't play very well - who cares, we won and we did it in true promotion style.

The last two matches have been as important as the goal-littered battles with MK Dons and Bristol Rovers by showing that we have the mental capacity to grind out results - fundamental traits of a successful team.

That's not to say there weren't any concerns as it was obvious that we missed Semedo. The incoming Racon looked lost for large portions of the game and like I said beforehand, I would rather Spring had played.

Racon is better going forward - as his consistent giving away of free-kicks showed - and we appeared to lack a bit control in the middle of the park, something I felt the less-expansive Spring could have given us.

But that's just me being pernickety as for the most part it was fine. The Shrimpers played well and had a lot of possession but we only looked in significant danger once and Elliot's strong intervention quickly thwarted that.

The spectacle was not a particularly pretty one but if similar performances keep us on course for the Championship, I’m sure the moans and groans will swiftly evaporate.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree Croydon.
The thing that slightly worries me is Phil's penchant for dodgy selection decisions.
I sit there watching with Shelvey in the middle and Bailey out wide thinking this is a big mistake , Bailey should be in the middle and surely the manager sees it ( and eventually he does but a lot slower than me,and I'm not the manager)
For Carlisle away .I would have played Basey instead of the unfit , short of practise ( but promising) Omosuzi and he gives away the crucial 2nd goal . Yesterday , I would have played holding defensive dependable, experienced, Spring instead of temperamental, girlie , free kick giving away Racon.
I know its a difficult job , but some of this stuff seems obvious to me
Then yesterday, we need a holding midfielder to replace Semedo